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Live feeds from some of the CMS community blogging around the world.

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No! I don’t Want to Receive Prayer!

Kouya Chronicle - Eddie Arthur

17/04/2014 15:43:38

Walking on water?!

the meaning of go (Phipps family)

17/04/2014 08:20:00

Rico Tice, John Stott & Paradoxology

Krish Kandiah

16/04/2014 21:49:53

holy week resources

Jonny Baker

16/04/2014 18:14:23

ireland pilgrimage

Jonny Baker

16/04/2014 17:08:59

Mission and Holy Week

Kouya Chronicle - Eddie Arthur

16/04/2014 14:33:59

Seaweed Season….

Catherine Lee, CMS mission partner in Taiwan

16/04/2014 02:29:38

More photos of Zac and Alister

the meaning of go (Phipps family)

15/04/2014 20:01:00

5 Things I enjoyed about Word Alive

Krish Kandiah

15/04/2014 15:36:21

5 Things to enjoy at Spring Harvest 2014

Krish Kandiah

15/04/2014 15:10:28

Soft warriors?

the meaning of go (Phipps family)

15/04/2014 11:14:00

There Is No Such Thing as A Free Blog

Kouya Chronicle - Eddie Arthur

15/04/2014 09:25:19

Fraud alert

Please note: if you are phoned by someone saying "I am stuck at an airport" or "I have been attacked", please do not offer anything. They may say Gautam Money, Philip Mounstephen or Steve Maina has given your name (or potentially use the names of other CMS staff or mission partners). If you get such a call please either contact the CMS office on 01865 787402 or contact